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Approved Bags

  • 12" x 6" x 12" Clear Plastic Bag

  • 1 Gallon Plastic Freezer Bag

  • Clutch with Shoulder Strap (clutch may not be larger than 4.5" X 6.5")

  • Clutch with Wrist Strap (clutch may not be larger than 4.5" X 6.5")

  • Diaper Bag, as long as accompanied by a child

Non-Approved Bags

  • Backpacks

  • Mesh Bag

  • Tinted Plastic Bag

  • Binoculars Case

  • Printed Pattern Plastic Bag

  • Camera Case

  • Purse

  • Oversized Tote Bag

  • Fanny Pack

Any medically necessary items or equipment not able to fit within the bag policy requirements should be taken for screening to the Public Safety Building, located between Gates A and B. Public Safety personnel will examine these items and confirm if the item can enter the stadium. 


Due to security restrictions at the venue,

KAMPLA2022 is not able to receive the following support from fan clubs:

  • Presents

  • Gifts

  • Food & Drinks

  • Overnight Queuing

       (Lines Open At 12pm Each Day)

In addition, the venue has additional restrictions:

  • No Food Trucks / Coffee Trucks

  • No External Merchandise / Sales

For more information,please visit @rosebowl,

If your fan club plans on having over 100 people attend the event,

please contact, and please include your group's name:


In order to ensure a safe and celebratory environment, we ask that fans refrain from the following behavior at all events:

  • Profanity or other offensive language, whether spoken or appearing on apparel

  • Smoking (The Rose Bowl is a non-smoking facility)

  • Intoxication or excessive alcohol consumption

  • Bringing prohibited items into the venue

  • Throwing of items or liquids

  • Entering the playing field or court at any time

  • Fighting or other threatening behavior

  • Failure to retain ticket and/or present it to event staff if requested to do so

  • Resale of tickets at the venue

  • Violation of state or local laws

  • Failure to comply may subject you to ejection or arrest.

Fans are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior

to team/venue personnel. We welcome your help

in our efforts to provide an enjoyable experience for all guests.


The following items are not permitted into the stadium:

  • Animals

  • Bags that violate the Bag Policy (See Bag Policy)

  • Balls, toys or sports equipment

  • Banners, signs, flags, poles or sticks

  • Beverage Containers larger than 32 oz./1 liter (factory-sealed plastic bottles and empty reusable bottes are allowed; limit 2 per person)

  • Boxes or wrapped packages

  • Cans, glass bottles or alcoholic beverages

  • Coolers

  • Drones

  • Helium balloons

  • Laser pointers

  • Noisemakers including thunder sticks, musical instruments, whistles, air horns and boom boxes

  • Outside Food (only for non-UCLA games)

  • Skates, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters or bicycles

  • Umbrellas

  • Unauthorized cameras with lenses longer than 3.5 inches, interchangeable or telephoto lenses

  • Unauthorized video cameras, monopods, tripods or selfie sticks

  • Weapons or projectiles

  • Note: Strollers are welcome but not allowed to be stored in an aisle or under a seat. Strollers may be checked in at the following Guest Services Location - Tunnel 18 or at the Checked Items Tent located at Gate C.

There are no in-and-out privileges at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Once you exit the stadium, you may not re-enter.


*These prohibited items are subject to change at any time.

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